“Imagine a Pindeck Light that can add effects such as Color Chasing, Music or Video Synchronization, and Ambient Colored Lighting. Add to that the ability to run the lighting programs on a single or pair of lanes, groups of lanes, or across the house, with the ability to switch to Standard White Light for League Play. What you have just imagined is the ColorSplash LED Pindeck Light System.“

Pindeck Lighting

Bringing you the most comprehensive Pindeck Lighting Fixture in the bowling industry. ColorSplash is a unique LED Lighting System that replaces the current fluorescent fixtures in both Pinsetters and Pinspotters. Its specially designed software also allows for independent lane by lane control.

Effect and Colors

ColorSplash has the ability to produce over 15 million colors and special effects to enhance your bowlers’ experience while maintaining the integrity of league bowling in the white light mode. The effects can be fully controlled by DMX512; the most versatile and the international standard in LED lighting controls. ColorSplash has the ability of color chasing, music and video synchronization, and ambient colored lighting.

Cost Savings

The US Government has mandated under the Energy Independence & Security Act: that all T12 fluorescent lamps may no longer be manufactured after July 2012, and T12 magnetic ballasts after July 2010. This means anyone using T12 lamps and ballasts will have to convert to something else. Why not convert to something that not only saves energy and money and at the same time gives you the added benefits of enhancing your existing light show.

Revenue Generator

Not only can ColorSplash save you money; it can increase revenue. How you may ask? One ColorSplash customer decided to hold a Cancer Awareness Fund Raiser and match the Pindeck light color to their pink ribbon. It was a great success. Another customer ran a 4th of July tournament and made the lanes red, white, and blue. And, finally another held a recruiting session for Kelley Services and made all the lanes green, the same green as the Kelley Services logo. Hosting special events and being able to give your customers a unique pins perspective is just the tip of the iceberg. ColorSplash is only limited by your imagination.

Product & Operation

ColorSplash includes a LED array that mounts directly in place of your existing Pindeck light on either Pinsetters or Pinspotters. It has an independent control driver box that has the ability to set manual colors/scene selections or it can be controlled by a multifaceted DMX Programming Device. ColorSplash operation can be fully controlled by one single remote with an approximate range of 250 feet.

ColorSplash includes

1 – LED Light Array, 1 – Control Driver Box, 1 – Set of Mounting Brackets, 1 – Array to Control Box Cable, 1 – DMX Cable, 1 – Power Cable


The ColorSplash Pindeck Lighting is the most versatile system on the market today; with its ability to generate over 16 million colors and any light show you could imagine.

The ColorSplash DMX controller features 30-modes, 8-functions per mode, 8-speeds per function and 8-brightness settings per function: translating into over 25 thousand shows. All while being controlled by one small hand held wireless remote. So, at a touch of a button, you can change the show. You can also set up an automatic time and date and the controller will change the show when you want.

Easy Installation

The ColorSplash System is easy to install. The array unit mounts directly to any machine using the supplied brackets. The control driver box mounts to the curtain wall and ideally uses a power receptacle on the machine so the unit shuts off just like a normal Pindeck light. The DMX daisy chain communication cable connects each unit. Our LT-800 DMX controller or a computer can be dedicated to running the DMX system and control all your special effects lighting.

The ColorSplash system, constructs all the colors from a combination of Red, Green and Blue. Red, Green and Blue use 8 bits each, which have integer values from 0 to 255. This makes 256x256x256=16,777,216 possible colors. Each array displays colors this way, using a combination of Red, Green and Blue LEDs (light emitting diodes). When a color value is set to 0, the LED is turned off. When the value is set to 255, the LED is turned on fully. Any value in between sets the LED to partial light emission.