The ColorSplash VersaLamp provides Patent Pending Technology that will change the Lighting Industry for years to come. This will enable business owners to take advantage of all the benefits of this new technology.

It’s Time for ColorSplash

The ColorSplash concept is simple: It’s an LED Lighting System that is changing the way an industry thinks about lighting. It has the ability to transform buildings, revitalize neighborhoods, encourage commerce, create spectacles, enhance branding, and save energy with its new patent pending technology.

The ColorSplash product line consists of truly unique LED Lighting and Control Systems, featuring the ability to create any lighting condition imaginable. ColorSplash products are designed and manufactured to replace any and all fluorescent tubes, both White & Black Light, and can be controlled to produce any type of light.

The ColorSplash VersaLamp features a system of five independent LED’s Red, Green, Blue, White, & Ultra Violet (RGBW&UV) in one single LED Light Fixture; making it one of the most versatile Luminaries on the market today. This allows the ColorSplash system to have independent task lighting during normal or standard activities, and special effects when you need them. This means you can use our ColorSplash System just about anywhere there is light in your facility.

ColorSplash offers proprietors a product that:

  • Can increase revenues.
  • Enable increased pricing.
  • Will generate savings in electricity.
  • Will reduce maintenance costs.
  • Can qualify for incentives & rebates from local utility/energy companies.
  • Will generate tax savings on the investment.

The ColorSplash System is All About Solving Problems

Problem 1 Solution
Cost of Electricity ColorSplash LED Lighting will substantially reduce the cost of electricity for lighting: a saving which could be as much as 80-percent.
Problem 2 Solution
Attracting New Business from the Millennium Generation
This huge market segment is the future of the industry.
ColorSplash LED lighting, with its infinite number of light show programs, is the ideal product and sales tool to attract this generation who are constantly on the lookout for new entertainment experiences.

ColorSplash Technology

The ColorSplash VersaLamp provides Patent Pending Technology that will change the Lighting Industry for years to come. This will enable business owners to take advantage of all the benefits of this new technology.

The ColorSplash VersaLamp consists of 300 independent LED’s:
• 60 White • 60 Red • 60 Green • 60 Blue • 60 Ultra Violet

Each color is controlled individually, allowing them to work independently or together, to create millions of colors and effects.

The ColorSplash VersaLamp Five Color System Allows for Truly Unique Lighting Effects.

The White LED is used during normal operations and task lighting. This allows business owners to take advantage of the high efficiency rating and reduce their energy costs. When not in effects mode the VersaLamp automatically reverts to the White LED.

The Red, Green, Blue, & Ultra Violet LED’s are only used during effects mode and are controlled by an internal dimming unit compatible with DMX Controls. This is what creates the limitless colors including day glow, and patterns to promote your business.

The ColorSplash VersaLamp can be controlled in 10 segments or every 6 LED’s providing
the ability to create patterns beyond the imagination.

Transform Your Center into a Venue for All Ages

ColorSplash is all about creating revenue generating opportunities that will enable you, the business owner, to Increase Profits and put More Money in your Pocket. New and existing customers will enjoy the ColorSplash experience so much that you will not only generate more revenue, but you can also charge a premium [higher] price for the experience.

ColorSplash is designed to appeal to all market segments and not just those looking for entertainment. In addition to RGB and UV ColorSplash features an independent white LED that is superior to florescent lighting, and which actually enhances the Sport Bowling experience.

The Recreational bowler may still enjoy Glow Bowling, which is why ColorSplash includes UV or Black Light. Like the sport bowler, the recreation bowler who still enjoys Glow Bowling will evolve and become fans of ColorSplash once they realize that it adds a whole new dimension to their recreational experience.

The future of the industry however will come from the New Millennium Generation. This huge market segment is the entertainment/party seeking element that is constantly looking for ever-changing moods and atmospheres in their quest for active leisure enjoyment.

And, consider this: the New Millennium Generation has so many choices of alternative entertainment opportunities available in the marketplace.

That’s where the ColorSplash RGB feature kicks in, with its millions of programmable light shows. Capture this market segment with ColorSplash, and you will grow your business with new and repeat business for years to come.

ColorSplash is All About “Saving Money” and “Increasing Revenue”

If you are still using fluorescent lighting in your center you are “Losing Money” every minute,
every day, every month, every year. You can stop this drain on your revenue, and increase profits
“Today” by switching to ColorSplash LED Lighting Systems.

ColorSplash Top Five Benefits

  1. Long Life – Rated for 80,000 hrs of operation. That’s up to 17 years if your lights are on 12-hours a day, 7-days a week.
  2. Energy Savings – Operating at 80% efficiency. Based upon the watts to lumens ratio, this means you will save $80 on every $100 spent over conventional lighting.
  3. Ecologically Friendly – Free of toxic materials. This means you can reduce your carbon foot print by up to one third.
  4. Quality – Extremely durable construction. They are resistant to shock, vibrations, and external impacts.
  5. Design Flexibility – Highly efficient illumination with dynamic controls. Being able to achieve fantastic lighting effects.

Rebates for White LED Lighting

There are circa 3,300 utility companies across the nation; and most have annual utility savings goals. To reach these goals most utility providers offer incentives to end users who invest in energy saving products. ColorSplash LED Lighting Systems more than meet their criteria.

The type of program they offer will vary from one utility company to another; and by location.
However you can anticipate at least one of the following may be available in your market:

  1. Instant Rebate at the Time of Purchase.
  2. Mail-In claim following the installation.
  3. Energy Credit.

Since ColorSplash qualifies as an approved product by the Department of Energy (DOE), the process to claim Rebates or Energy Credits etc. from your local utility company will be reasonably straight forward. However; the ColorSplash Group can offer assistance to any proprietor who needs help completing the process.

When you add up the number of florescent lamps and fixtures (with two-or more lamps) you are replacing with single LED light strips the energy saving rebates with be substantial to say the least.

Tax Benefits

Just like any other Capital Investment: upgrading your facility by installing ColorSplash LED Lighting products qualifies for Tax Benefits…by as much as 100-percent over whatever period the investment is amortized. E.g., Writing off the cost of the asset (e.g. over a 5-year period) will have an immediate positive impact on your bottom line. Check it out with your tax preparer.

Disclaimer: While most utility companies offer energy saving incentive programs ZOT Pinsetter Parts, Inc., is not able guarantee which, if any, of the programs are available in your market. ZOT is also unable to forecast the financial level of any such incentive. However, this information should be readily available through your local utility provider.

What Changed an Industry?

1952 – Automatic Pinsetting Machines
1967 – Automatic Scoring System
1977 – Synthetic Lanes
1984 – Bumper Bowling
1992 – Glow Bowling
2015 – ColorSplash

Bowling ColorSplash Bowling is the next evolution in bowling and entertainment allowing an industry to revitalize its appeal to the millennium generation of potential bowlers while being able to maintain the current generation of bowlers. ColorSplash Bowling is perfectly suited for every location and situation, whether the concentration is on sport/league bowling, entertainment bowling or a hybrid of both sport and entertainment.

Whole Center Solution

Whole Center Solution

ColorSplash is the perfect product for this hybrid business model which has the potential to have a lasting effect on the business for the next 20-years.

  • Lanes
  • Approaches
  • Bowlers Settee
  • Concourse
  • Reception
  • Arcade/Games Room
  • Kiddies Arcade & Play Area
  • Meeting/Banquet Rooms
  • Cafeteria area
  • Entrance/Lobby
  • Bathrooms

VersaLamp Features

ColorSplash features five independent LED lighting colors in each VersaLamp

  • Available in Single & Double Tube Models
  • VL485F-1 Single Tube Model Power Consumption 11 Watts @ 120V
  • VL485F-2 Double Tube Model Power Consumption 22 Watts @ 120V
  • Versatile electrical input of 100-240 volt, 50/60 Hz with LED Lane light self-switching to the correct voltage.
  • Rated at 80,000 hour led tube life.
  • Operating Mode works with DMX/DMX512 & ARTNET Controllers
  • White LED Color Temperature: 4800K
  • Ultra Violet LED: 395nm
  • Output Angle: 180 Degrees
  • Fixture Length: 48 inches
  • Replace all Fluorescent Tubes
    • T12
    • T8
    • T5

Using ColorSplash as a Sales Tool will enable you to “Create an Experience” that will transform your Center. There are no limits to the possibilities when you tie ColorSplash to your promotion programs.

ColorSplash is ideal for your recreational customers who want to expand on their entertainment options, to adult and birthday party bowling promotions, corporate functions, thematic holiday promotions, charity nights, and practically all other special event marketing promotions…yet still offer white light for sport bowling: and All-in-One light strip.

“ColorSplash is the Future” and the “Future is Now”

lm-79 Test Results

Total Integrated Flux (lumens) 1627 *
Observer CIE 1931
2 degree
Chromaticity Ordinate x 0.3170
Chromaticity Ordinate y 0.3380
Observer CIE 1976
2 degree
Chromaticity Ordinate u’ 0.1974
Chromaticity Ordinate v’ 0.4737
Correlated Color Temp CCT (K) 6226
ANSI C78.377-2008 Duv 0.006
Total Radiant Flux (milliWatts) 5003 *
Scotopic / Photopic Lumen Ratio 2.052
Input Voltage (Volts AC) 120.0
Input Current (Amps AC) 0.368
Input Power (Watts) 21.6
Input Power Factor (%) 48.9
Input Current THD (%) 167.3
Input Voltage THD (%) 0.8
EFFICACY (lumens/Watt) 75.3
Ra (Average 1-8) 73
R1 Light greyish red 70
R2 Dark greyish yellow 77
R3 Strong yellowish green 80
R4 Moderate yellowish green 73
R5 Light bluish green 71
R6 Light blue 68
R7 Light violet 84
R8 Light reddish purple 61
R9 Strong red -27
R10 Strong yellow 44
R11 Strong green 68
R12 Strong blue 38
R13 Light yellowish pink (skin) 71
R14 Moderate olive green (leaf) 89

* NOTE: The total lumen output shown on this report was obtained from photometric test ITL86851

Limited Warranty